While by no means an exhaustive compilation of surrealist content on the web, the following is a list of  useful and engaging resources that the teachers involved in the making of Surrealistic Me recommended using with their classes.

Relevant Lessons

Surrealistic Me

Visual Metaphors by Jeanne Bjork

The Butterfly Effect by Matt Cauthron

Lesson plans from The Dali Museum

Recommended Reading

NY Times: Jerry Uelsmann’s Analog Dreams

Olivia Gude: Playing: The First Principle of Possibility

Beinart Surrealist Collective

Smart Shanghai Interview: Ryszard Horowitz

Shaun Tan: The Lost Thing (book)

Shaun Tan:  The Arrival (book)

Interactive Surrealism Online

Surrealist Chronicle


Mike Driscol’s Surrealist Games

Nicholas Rouke’s Operational Techniques


David Gran’s Pinterest boards contain many examples of Operational Techniques for Transformation, categorized by technique. 


Remedios Varo

Fernando Maselli

Dorothea Tanning

Martin Stranka

Mark Mothersbaugh

Maggie Taylor

Salvador Dali

Project Inspiration

Gallery One

Gallery Two


The Lost Thing (DVD) by Shaun Tan