Q. What’s a Rotoball?

  1. 1.Rotoball is a black ball that transforms into something different for each person who comes into contact with it.

  2. 2.Rotoball is a collaborative animation project.  It was originally intended for high school students as a unique opportunity to connect with other students who are geographically distant.  Originally conceived as a rotoscoping project (hence the name), any form of animation is now accepted.

  3. 3.Rotoball began as a class project developed by David Gran for Advanced Video students at Huntington High School in 2005.   This version of the project has been reorganized as an MMPAP.

The Rules

  1. 1.Each animation must be exactly 15 seconds long.

  2. 2.The animation can be as creative as you’d like, but MUST contain the following:

  1. The ball entering from the left hand of the screen.

  2. The ball transforming in some way.

  3. An interaction with the transformed object.

  4. The ball returning to normal.

  5. The ball leaving the right hand side screen.

More Questions?

You can look at the lesson, learn how to Rotoscope, check out our FAQ, or Email David!

Are You Ready?

Play Ball!

Project Dates

Rotoball 2015 starts now. 

Projects due MAY 15th, 2015

Online premier on  Vimeo on a date TBA in June.

Watch the Original Rotoball

Huntington High School Video 2&3 Students



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Updated Rules: Rotoball 2010 (and beyond)

These are not so much new rules as clarifications:

  1. The animation does not have to be a rotoscoped animation.   The name, however will remain ‘Rotoball’.  We like that better than “Animatiball”.

  1. The ball can enter a scene already in progress- this creates more of a story.  See the lesson page.

CHANGED in 2010